What are the side effects of Marijuana?

What are the side effects of Marijuana?

Smoking or consumption of marijuana has many side effects. The effects could be as minimal as an increase in the appetite of a person to as dangerous as lung cancer. It can also lead to an increased possibility of an accident occurring. Anything in excess can be harmful. In the same way, excessive consumption of marijuana may cause problems at work, home, as well as legal and financial obstacles.

Eaten marijuana is more harmful than smoked weed because when you eat the drug, your body absorbs the whole of it. This portion of drug consumed is larger and more effective than the smoke. The side effects of marijuana from its overdose include harmful conditions like illusions, apparitions, and inability of self-recognition. Breathing becomes difficult and our physical capabilities are hampered. The intake also tends to speed up the pulse rate and movement of blood, which leads to fast breathing, thereby making the body age faster. Summing up all this additional physical exertion, there is a higher risk of lung cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.

Marijuana side effects cause disorder of the brain due to consistent usage. It disturbs the usual chemical equilibrium of the brain distressing the gratification centers and regulatory structure.


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