What Are The Best Ways To Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

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What Are The Best Ways To Germinate Marijuana Seeds?


Germinating seeds is the first step of growing your own plant, be it medicinal Marijuana or any other plant species. This is a key process as like our baby years in life and like our first step, the germination process is important for plants as they decide their overall health and lusciousness over the plant’s lifetime. A good, well taken care of germination period would follow with a good long life for the plant with healthy leaves, stems and roots. In contrast, a poor germination would then lead to the plant growing to be frail, fragile and wimp.

To some individuals, growing marijuana yourself can be quite expensive and also arduous, so it is important to focus on a simple part of the process like its germination so that you can ensure a better outlook overall.

How to ensure good and healthy germination

The three most important things about having a healthy germination is warmth, water and darkness. Remember germination is not about laying them out open in the sun! This is a common misunderstanding and this would definitely dry the seeds out. We have to allow water to enter into the tiny seeds which has a little root that is curled up inside the shell.

This root starts growing outward trying to burst out of its shell, looking for more and more moisture as long as we keep providing it with water. Once the root is able to grow big enough to break through the shell, the seed bursts and allows the root to be grown out and to be visible to the naked eye. This process generally takes about half a day to three days to happen. Take note however that the little root that spurts out of the shell of seed is very delicate and has to be handled really carefully. In this article we will be highlighting a few good ways for you to ensure your marijuana seeds germinate well!

The wet paper towel method

This is the most popular method of germination amongst the lay public. This method involves leaving the seeds covered in pieces of moist paper towels and allowing them to sprout out. This is an easy method to always ensure that your seeds get enough water because we can tell if the paper towels are moist enough and we can easily spray drops of water of we feel that that towels are drying out.

As harsh as it sounds, it is indeed very damaging for the very delicate seeds and sprouts of Marijuana. The sprouts would be growing out with millions of tiny threads from the paper towel covering them. This causes a lot of damage for the sprouts and although during the beginning stages this may not be evident, you might realise that many of these sprouts would not turn out to be growing into good and healthy plants.

Moreover, having wet towels also increases the chance of having wet seeds and not moist seeds. There is a difference between keeping moisture alive and flooding the surrounding of the seed with lots of water. The latter proves to be more harmful than good as with excessive water, we run the risk of killing off the delicate root popping out of its shell. The same would happen if there isn’t sufficient water around for the root.

Planting into the soil directly

Planting your seeds into the soil directly might seem like the most natural method available, but due to weather and soil conditions it might not always play out to your favour. Your seeds might be washed away and the changes in weather and temperature of the soil along with the balance of moisture can alter the growth of your seeds drastically. When you use soil as a place for germination, it is very important to regulate the water content and the warmth of the soil to suite your plant’s germination process. There are some ways to go about this to help your germination in soil turn out to be better.

• You can place the seeds on a seed tray before placing them into the soil.

• You can place your seeds into a small plastic bag with holes on it.

Accompanied by these two methods, you can place your seeds in a nice warm and sunny spot and also open up your seed tray or plastic bag once in a while to check on your seeds and to prevent them from being baked in the sun.

More comments on the whole process

Patience is the most important thing required for the germination process. Remember that not all the seeds that you have laid out are going to pop out and germinate beautifully, especially not on your first go. The more that sprouts out the better! Remember that once they sprout out, it is a useful idea to place them under the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps so that they get enough light and nutrients to continue growing.


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