Uses of Medicinal Marijuana

Uses of Medicinal Marijuana

Growing medicinal marijuana is considered illegal in most countries across the globe but a number of governments including the US Government allow treatment providing it in one or more specific low doses of synthetic cannabinoids for one or more disorders. However this is exercised with extreme caution.

People who support the usage of marijuana for medicinal purposes elaborate on its beneficial effects like relieving acute cases of nausea, stimulation of an appetite for food in chemotherapy and AIDS patients, lowered intraocular eye pressure in glaucoma patients as well as chronic gastrointestinal illness. It is also effective as an analgesic.
Medicinal marijuana can be administered by way of vaporizing, smoking dried buds, drinking or eating extracts and taking capsules. Synthetic cannabinoids are available as prescription drugs in some countries like United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Possessing marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in most parts of the world. However, many countries are now opening up to the idea of decriminalization of the use of medicinal marijuana like Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Israel, Italy, Finland, and Portugal. In the United States, the federal law prohibits usage of any marijuana but there are some states which approve of using medicinal marijuana.


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