Who Are The Types Of People Who Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana?

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Who Are The Types Of People Who Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana?

Anxiety come in different forms and it is a medical condition that is affecting a lot of people today. There are many ways to treat anxiety including various modes of therapy and medication. Among these options is the use of medical marijuana. A lot of researchers and medical experts agree that medical marijuana should be used in more countries because of its effectiveness. Here are some good examples of individuals who can benefit from medical marijuana.

War veterans

A huge percentage of medical marijuana users are war veterans. As one war veteran once said, “If you like wars, you have never been in one.” War veterans usually come home from battlefields as changed individuals. Imagine bullets flying over your head. Bombs are exploding here and there. Your comrades are getting shot beside you. And worse of all, your conscience bugs you as you shoot your enemies, who are in reality, human beings just like you.

War changes people. War veterans have reported that there are times when they think someone is throwing a grenade at them. Most of them wake up in the middle of the night to their own screams of shock and horror. It is for this reason that war veterans really need medical marijuana so that they can cope with life once again.



There is more to the popular life than just the money and applauses. There is also anxiety. It is easy to spot popular musicians and actors in their top shape once they appear on the stage. But it can be a mystery what is happening to them in the dressing room. Popular stars have to deal with a huge amount of pressure. They usually have to live up to an image so that their career will not be affected. Their job demands them to travel a lot and even lose some sleep. The pressure to appear okay as well as the tiring activities they have to do, not to mention relationship problems, can really cause a toll on them. There are numerous pop stars who have been reported to suffer from anxiety. Examples include Johnny Depp, Howie Mendel, and Joan Rivers.


It can be quite surprising to see a lot of young people suffer from anxiety. Young people transition from kids to adults. The changes that they have to go through usually take a huge effect on them. Their body changes in a very big way. Their subjects at school start to get more difficult. Their social circle changes as well as they get to higher education. And sometimes, more “friends” lead to more problems. And do not forget the hormonal changes that cause them to become too emotional at so many times. Also, a lot of young people suffer relationship problems – including family and non-family related ones. For example, young people have to deal with broken families as well as break-ups with their sweethearts.


Work is a very important part of life. Without working, one would not be able to feed himself as well as his family. Working helps one pay for the bills as well as other leisure that life can offer. However, the problem is that a lot of people dedicate themselves too much to work. They are so dedicated to their job that they become addicted to it. They become workaholics. A lot of workaholics tend to suffer from fatigue. After all, the body can only deal with a limited amount of workload. It also has to rest. Workaholics are also exposed to a high amount of pressure – something that will always be part of the business world. It is no surprise that a lot of workaholics are being treated for anxiety.

Trauma survivors

Finally, people who can benefit from medical marijuana include the ones that have survived very traumatic events. A good example of these is a person who has just survived a tragic car accident. Because of the accident, his car got damaged beyond repair. His family passed away. He on the other hand has lost both of his legs. Such a traumatizing event can really cause a person to suffer from a huge deal of stress and fear. Another example of a trauma survivor is one who has just been physically abused. People who get physically abused easily fear strangers. Most of these even lock themselves up inside their homes. Bad experiences can surely cause anxiety.

Anxiety can ruin people to the point where they cannot deal with life normally as they did. Anxiety can really destroy a person’s life. That is why solutions to these problems such as medical marijuana is very important. Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you know someone who does? Contact Grow Legally and know your options as to how you or someone you know can benefit from medical marijuana.


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