Types Of Cannabis

Types Of Cannabis

Cannabis, deemed a miracle drug by some, is largely smoked for its ability to produce psychoactive experiences and cure or alleviate certain ailments. The female plants are cultivated as they contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the chemical that produces analgesic effects as well as a ‘high’. Three types of cannabis are currently grown and used.

Cannabis sativa
Cannabis sativa is a tall plant of the Cannabaceae family, used since ancient times as a flavoring herb, industrial fiber, medicine and a recreational drug. The THC it contains is high so it produces more potent effects. The effects are commonly referred to as a cerebral high or ‘head high’ which is a more clear-headed result although that is not always the case.

Cannabis indica
Cannabis indica plants are shorter in height but bushier than sativa. Traditionally grown to produce hashish, they have lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD (carboxylic acid) which makes them a more effective analgesic. Because of its sedative characteristics, cannabis indica is commonly smoked, inhaled or consumed during the night.

Hybrid cannabis is marijuana with two stains or types of cannabis, primarily sativa and indica. Either the female sativa is crossed with a male indica or vice versa. Some producers may use synthetic chemicals to imitate the effects of natural cannabis.


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