Treating Alzheimer’s Disease With Medical Cannabis

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Treating Alzheimer’s Disease With Medical Cannabis

Alzheimer’s Disease is becoming a more and more serious medical condition in Canada. With the current rate of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, it is estimated that more than one million Canadians will suffer from it by the year of 2038. Anyone is at risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, various treatments are available. Some of the most common treatments for Alzheimer’s include the increase intake of coconut oil, Omega-3 fatty acids, and gingko balboa. But among the widely believed effective treatments is the use of medical marijuana.

Alzheimer’s have to be treated as soon as early signs have indicated its presence. Here are some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s that you need to be aware of.

Memory loss


One of the most common warning signs of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. Sure, everyone loses his keys from time to time and everyone forgets to turn off the hot iron at various occasions. However, memory loss that causes a negative effect on one’s lifestyle to the point that it is being disrupted in a big way is an early indication of Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s easily forget recently acquired info. They easily forget names of people they have just met and they often need memory aids so that they would not forget their scheduled events.

Time confusion

People with Alzheimer’s also find themselves being confused with time. Sometimes, they find themselves not knowing what date it is. It is very easy for them to lose track of the day. As people become older, it is normal for them to disregard the passage of time. But people with Alzheimer’s often ask what date or what date it is. They miss soccer games of their sons or ballet recitals for their daughters. It is not that they do not care about the date – they just easily forget.

Confusion with place

Aside from being confused with time, people with Alzheimer’s also get confused with places. It is a normal occurrence for people to find themselves in the kitchen or in the living room without knowing why they were there in the first place. But people with Alzheimer’s find this occurrence as frequent. Very bad cases of Alzheimer’s leave people in public places such as the park or at the mall and they have not the slightest clue as to why they were there or how they get there. Some do not even have an idea where they are.

World problems

People with Alzheimer’s also have a hard time with words in various ways. First, they have a hard time speaking it. Some words might have become easy for them to mispronounce. Second, people with Alzheimer’s often lose themselves in conversation. Thus, when talking to other people, they end up not knowing what to say next or they might even repeat themselves without them knowing that. Also, they would usually have a hard time recalling names for certain nouns – although this is a rarity.

Forgetting hobbies

It is very easy for people to be masters of their own hobbies. For instance, a person who loves to knit and has been knitting for a long time, without a doubt, can easily create a beautifully-designed jacket. However, people with Alzheimer’s suddenly lose their ability to excel in the things at which they used to excel. For example, it is common for an Alzheimer’s patient to suddenly forget how to cook his favourite dish – a dish which she might have been whipping up for a very long time already.

Most of these symptoms are suffered as people become older. They are normal occurrences. However, if they are experienced at quite early ages, like the middle age or even the twenties, then diagnosis for Alzheimer’s or dementia should surely be considered. Again, one of the alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s widely used today is medical marijuana. So many people have testified of feeling better as they take medical marijuana to cure treat their condition.

Medical marijuana can be consumed in a few ways, including smoking it or by including it into food. For immediate effects, a lot of people prefer smoking. By smoking cannabis, the cannabinoids easily get into the bloodstream and eventually into the brain. Effects take within two or three minutes. But smoking has its negative effects and old people with Alzheimer’s would most unlikely prefer smoking. Also, smoking cannabis is never advised for those who have pulmonary problems. Thus, the ideal way for Alzheimer’s patients is to consume medical marijuana. There are a lot of dishes and pastries in which medical marijuana can be included.

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