Top 7 Female Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Top 7 Female Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

Marijuana usage is something that a lot of female celebrities do not deny. Here are some female celebrities who are known for the weed-smoking habits:

• Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga is one of the most popular and most influential artists of today. She has admitted to smoking a lot of pot especially whenever she writes some songs.

• Miley Cyrus – Former child star, Miley Cyrus bragged about smoking as much weed as Snoop Lion does. With her controversial performance at the VMA, no one is surprised with this news.

• Oprah – Popular talk show host, Oprah has also admitted to using weed. However, the last time she smoked herb, according to her, was the year 1982.

• Natalie Portman – The epitome of beauty, Natalie Portman, has also admitted to using weed. She smoked weed as a student in Harvard. But she has given the habit up.

• Whoopi Goldberg – Whoopi Goldberg is one of the legends of comedy. She confessed on smoking weed during her appearance at The View.

• Kirsten Dunst – Known as Mary Jane Watson to Spiderman fans, Kirsten Dunst admitted that she likes weed. She said that she had a different outlook on that special herb.

• Megan Fox – Another beauty symbol, Megan Fox, is also a weed lover. She used to be a very open weed advocate but she has been more silent about it recently.


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