The Curse on Medical Marijuana

The Curse on Medical Marijuana

You want to use marijuana for medicinal purpose. A word of caution, you cannot sell marijuana in these states, you can only distribute them on non-profit basis. You cannot use medical marijuana just like that; you need to have legal prescription from a registered medical practitioner before you can use this drug. A huge debate is going on how to consider marijuana.

In spite of the various benefits this drug provides, this natural herb has an ill repute as in the majority of the cases it is being used by people for abusive purpose. The fact that it causes hallucination and impairs a person’s ability to concentrate for some time has given it the bad reputation. Slowly but surely different countries and governments are realizing its benefits and they are overcoming their hesitation to legalize this drug.

There is another aspect to it, this natural herb is misunderstood with hard core drugs heroin and cocaine. But the fact is totally the opposite. While the man-made abusive substances are good for nothing, marijuana has just one drawback and that is it is habit forming. Apart from this there is no drawback. The magic of marijuana has always been overlooked just because of its one drawback.


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