Some Forms Of Marijuana

Marijuana is an herb and a drug that’s used for medical reasons as well as recreational purposes. Whether it’s dangerous or not depends on what it is utilized for and the amount inhaled or consumed. It takes several forms with weed being the most popularly used.

Weed: Weed is marijuana in its unprocessed form. The leaves and buds of two plants, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, are dried and crushed to form flakes that look similar to tobacco found in cigarettes. The female plants are used because they contain delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which the males do not.

Hashish: Hashish, like weed, is smoked. Rather than the buds and the leaves, the resin is extracted to form a pasty, oily product. It can be molded into various shapes and is sometimes mistaken for licorice barring the strong pungent odor that cannabis produces.

As a food ingredient: Since marijuana is primarily an herb, it can be used to flavor food although other strong ingredients are needed to mask the smell. The oil can also be used in drinks with milk being preferred.

While these are the three main forms of marijuana, smoking is the most common way to use it for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana users rely on pills, vaporizers and also joints.