What Are Some Of The Best And Safest Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana?

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What Are Some Of The Best And Safest Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana when taken medically is a very powerful form of medicine that is widely used by people all over the world to treat varying forms of aliments and to alleviate the effects of some serious medical conditions. Medical marijuana has succeeded in treating many aliments that conventional medicine has failed to. Research has shown that marijuana has some therapeutic effects than are not found in any conventional medicine and has less severe side effects compared to the other forms of medication. When given medical marijuana as a prescription by your doctor, you might wonder what methods are there to consume the medication.

There are so many ways to consume medical marijuana, the most basic of which is smoking. For those against smoking it, other methods of consumption exist that do not involve smoke at all. Below we discuss some of the methods available to patients for consuming medical marijuana.



Smoking is the easiest and most effective way of consuming marijuana. It has immediate effects and you can easily control the dosage you take. One of the concerns among smokers of medical marijuana is that, like cigarettes, it can cause lung complications and cancer. Therefore, it is less recommended compared to the other methods of consumption. For those that decide to smoke it anyway, you can minimize the risks by taking measures such as using a filter or non-chemical papers to roll the marijuana cigarette and using pipes for a more controlled intake.

Medical marijuana vaporizers

Using medical marijuana vaporizers is the most recommended method of consumption for those who do not want to smoke. As opposed to smoking, which releases all the components of marijuana including the harmful ones into your body, medical marijuana vaporizers release active component of marijuana in small doses. This is achieved by gently heating the cannabis at a low temperature using the vaporizer. The active ingredients then turn to vapor without combusting. This way, the harmful components that get to your lungs through smoking, are released in very low and harmless proportions. Inhaling the vapor offers the same healing and therapeutic effects of marijuana that you get from smoking only cleaner and less harmful.

Medical marijuana edibles

Medical marijuana consumed as food has a very different effect on the body from the effects of smoking or inhaling. While the effects of smoking medical marijuana are more localized in the head, the effects of edibles are felt in the whole body. They edibles are also slow to take effect and slow to lose the effects. As such, it is very easy to overdose on the edibles since the foods taste good and you never start feeling the effects until much later. Those that decide on this method of consumption are advised to take small pieces of the edibles at a time to avoid overdosing. They can take a few pieces and then wait a few minute before taking the next one.

Medical marijuana edibles are not to be confused with raw cannabis. Raw cannabis is not to be taken at all, as it does not offer the therapeutic effects of properly prepared marijuana. For those that prefer to eat instead of smoke or inhale, marijuana edibles are made instead. Instead of consuming cannabis raw, oils, and butter are extracted from the plant. The oils and butter are then used to make edibles such as brownies, cookies, and even other foods such as soup. You can use the edibles to relieve pain and cure or alleviate other illnesses. Find a medical marijuana dispensary to help you pick which edibles and dosage is right for your specific condition.

Medical marijuana tinctures and tonics

Mixed with a little alcohol, medical marijuana can also be used to make tinctures and tonics. You can add this to food, put a few drops under the tongue, add it to drinks, or apply a little to the skin. The tinctures and tonics whether consumed directly or in foods, should be taken in small bits to avoid overdosing. Unlike edibles which are cooked, tinctures and tonics are made by soaking the leaves and flowers in alcohol and then straining the solids. This leaves behind a strong liquid that is then used to provide the therapeutic effects of marijuana.

Medical marijuana topicals

For those who do not want the psychoactive effect of medical marijuana, you can use topicals such as salves, sprays, lotions, balms and ointments that are made from extracts of cannabis. These topicals can ease pain and act as anti-inflammatories as well. You can visit a dispensary and get a range of topicals to pick from or you can extract your own oil from cannabis and apply to any substance you like. Marijuana topicals have helped relieve or alleviate the effects of arthritis, burns, eczema, muscle soreness, chapped skin, joint pains, and swellings. You can also get sprays to help ease muscle pains and ease the symptoms of shingles.


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