Price Comparison For Medical Marijuana In US And Canada

Price Comparison For Medical Marijuana In US And Canada

Thanks to the fact that medical marijuana has been legalized in many countries these days, it can be widely used as a natural cure for various illnesses. Marijuana can be bought from authorized dispensaries, form private resellers or even online. However, you might want to know the price range if you plan to buy marijuana in order to know what budget to prepare.

The prices are not fixed and they vary from state to state and from region to region. This article will only give you averages. So, in some parts of Canada, the prices for a gram of marijuana starts at $5 and can go up to $9-$10. In other regions, it may be cheaper or more expensive but you get the idea. In US it is the same story but here there are slightly increased prices. For example, you may find dispensaries that sell medical marijuana for $10 per gram or even more. It really depends where you are buying from.

However, do not get too excited if you see a relatively low price. When it comes to marijuana, the quality is important as well and most of the people would rather pay an increased price for a small quantity of quality marijuana rather than buying bad products in large quantities.


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