Planting Medical Marijuana In Your Back Yard – On The Right Side Of The Law

Planting Medical Marijuana In Your Back Yard – On The Right Side Of The Law

If you are caught growing drugs in a piece of land that belongs to you, then you are entitled to some prosecution, if not jail time. However, when it comes to marijuana, there are some conditions that can allow you to engage in such a practice, and it is of course under legal circumstances. Think about this situation – ‘you have a letter of recommendation from your doctor to access medical marijuana, but you cannot find a legitimate source for this legal substance,’ the only other reasonable source of this medical herb is that you might have to grow your own. Here is how to go about it:

Get the right seeds

There are different marijuana seeds in the market, and each of them has its properties. One type is best as a relaxant, and if your condition will require you to manage your pain or control muscle spasms, deal with mobility issues or tremors, then it is the best one for you. Another type is best for people who experience severe nausea, migraines, and they suffer from HIV and AIDS, such people need the stimulant type.

Getting enough light and understanding how to grow the herb

Like most plants, the marijuana requires an environment with sufficient amount of light, and it can flourish if an individual grows it following the right procedure, from how to germinate the seeds, transplanting it and even pollinating the herb.


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