Natural Ways To Treat Breast Cancer

Natural Ways To Treat Breast Cancer

A lot of women die every day and one the causes of their death is breast cancer. Doctors are the ones who determine what drugs should be taken by breast cancer patients. The drugs that will be recommended will be based on how the cancer cells have spread and how much have they affected. The following are natural ways that can help prevent and treat breast cancer.

• Carrot juice – Carrots are very rich in vitamin A. Because of this, carrot juice should be consumed about fifteen to thirty minutes before mealtime. Researchers in Ohio found out that vitamin A can not only prevent cancer but can also fight it as well.

• Red clover – This is one of the most effective herbs when it comes to cancer treatment. The flower is the one that is used and not the roots or stem. Red clover is a plant that is packed with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. This herb has been used for over one hundred years in various countries around the world.

• Cannabis – This might be hard to believe but cannabis can help fight breast cancer. Cannabis is a very effective plant that force cancer cells to feed on each other. Wow, I bet you didn’t know that!


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