Marijuana Medicinal use – debate is on

Marijuana Medicinal use – debate is on

Medicinal effect of marijuana includes reduction in stress level and lowering of anxiety of the patient. The drug is known to have cognitive effects. What makes authorities to impose restriction on it due to its feeling of being high which is almost at par with alcohol? Speaking of effect on mind of alcohol and other substances, there is no ban on the consumption of alcohol in most part of the country even though it causes more harm than cannabis.

Government is looking for ways to restrict the use and growth of this substance by common people. Even though it has tremendous health benefits and numerous professionals in the health industry claim it to be the safest thing to be used for therapeutic effects. Government has drafted several bills to legalize this drug and has received numerous yes in its support but still the bill is not made a law.

Many people think of it as the first step towards hard core addiction to harsher drugs such as heroin and cocaine. But studies have shown otherwise, the cannabis plans are not like man-made drugs and have actually shown several benefits when smoked. Studies are still going on to find the benefits and drawbacks of using this herb as medicine.


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