Marijuana can cure Cancer

Marijuana can cure Cancer

For some obtaining a medical marijuana license so they can legally purchase and consumer marijuana for medical purpose can be a sensitive issue. How to get medical marijuana can be a perplexing issue for some. In United States there are 15 states that have approved the medicinal use of marijuana. Some of these states are New Mexico, Michigan, Maine, New Jersey, and Nevada. The most recent entry in this group is of Arizona which passed a referendum in 2010 permitting the medicinal use of this drug. Throughout the United States you are not allowed to grow the plant for personal use and federal government do have a law against it.

In the year 1937 the president of the United States made it illegal to consume cannabis for any reason. Ill people and patients were also barred from the consumption of this substance. Until the time, several researches strongly recommended that marijuana is good for the treatment of some serious diseases.

A broad scope of issues is covered under medical marijuana in Canada. This plant is found effective in the treatment for cramping, stomach pain, excessive vomiting, and nausea. It has been found really useful in the treatment of intense pain caused by injuries and debilitating diseases and is also known to cure cancer.


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