The Best Lighting Options For Your Indoor Marijuana Farm

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The Best Lighting Options For Your Indoor Marijuana Farm


Light is one of the most important factors to regulate and manage in terms of growing your medical Marijuana in Canada. Be it the beginning stages of germination or maintaining the luscious growth of your plant, light is always one important factor to consider. Typically, the Marijuana plant requires a long day of nice and bright sunlight so that it can grow to its fullest. Therefore, the first move to set up a Marijuana garden is to make sure it is placed in an ideal spot to get as much as sun as possible. This is to make sure we re-create the original growing conditions of the plant in our indoor Marijuana garden. This would then give us the best reap as per how it would be when it grows outdoors.

Different lighting needs for different strains of Marijuana

Remember that different strains of plants would have different specific needs of the level of lighting. Since we have to replicate the exact environment where the Marijuana plants grow the best in, we have to take into account how each strain of plant reacts to light as well. The newer hybrid auto flowering types of today are designed to be easier to be grown that the traditional types. These include the following light conditions:

• Full spectrum fluorescent or LED lamps

• Shone on the plants for 10 to 18 hour light cycles

• Full spectrum fluorescent lamps and LED lamps are chosen because they run cooler and take up less power

• They simplify your garden life and also heat up the garden room less

Also remember to choose higher wattage lamps so that they would cover the size of your garden room entirely. The aim is to ensure that all your plants are covered sufficiently in the growing area so choose a light source which will accommodate to that goal. One simple trick to achieve this with less than perfect lighting would be to put up reflective aids like foils so that the light is reflected off and multiplied directly on the surface of all your plants.

Light conditions for non-auto flowering varieties

If you are a fan of varieties which are not auto flowering, then you can choose to have less powerful lights around. Cooler lighting choices of fluorescent lights along with other lamps like full spectrum lights would be suitable for the growth of the plants. This would suit various stages of the plant growth like sprouting stage, vegetative stage and flowering stage. This is similar to the method of the usage of traditional lamps like the old time indoor gardeners.

Different types of lamps can be used to fulfil the same needs but remember the basic instructions, no matter what type of lamps or route you choose to use.

• Cool temperature fluorescent lamps or metal halide lamps are for a good start. You can choose those with 5000 to 6500k or around 350 to 550 nanometers of spectrum so that it covers the basic requirements of the plant growth, especially of the vegetative and sprouting stages. The specific strain of the Marijuana plant you use would then decide how long exactly would your plant require this light condition, which ranges from about 2 to 8 weeks.

• You can induce the pre-flowering and flowering stages of the plant growth cycle by introducing orange or red spectrum fluorescent light or high pressure sodium (HPS) light. This can range from 2000 to 4000k or 540 to 700 nanometer light spectrum range. These hot lamps with a wider spectrum are encompassed together with a longer time of darkness in each day’s cycle. The darkness is extended from the usual 8 to 12 hours to slightly more than 12 hours.

Full spectrum LED lights

Full spectrum LED lamps are constantly being developed and improved by their manufacturers. They tend to use less electricity, and are thus more power saving, and also they have a more accurate delivery of the required frequency of light range which is usually between 420 nanometers to 750 nanometers. This is enough to get your seed growing from its beginning stages till its harvest.

The restrictions of such LED lamps lie in their wattage, as it can become quite expensive to set up the required intensity of the light for good growth of Marijuana plants and to match up with their original external sunny conditions.

There are new improvements made on LED lamps which make it far easier to use them for this purpose compared to last time, and also with a lower cost, but this is an evolving process and right now it is still quite expensive to get this sorted proper. However, while working with the limits, many indoor Marijuana growers have been quite happy with 1000 watts full spectrum LED lights used. In the older times however, with the LED lamps development still underway, it was more convenient and cost effective to use HPS lamps instead. It used to give a larger and more potent yield for the same amount of money.


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