License To Grow Medical Marijuana Canada

Subject to the “Allard injunction” and the interim order given in that case allowing pre-existing patient growers to continue growing legally, Health Canada has created legislation – the MMPR – in which they will only license large commercial growers. The requirements of this commercial growing licenses are quite onerous. GrowLegally consults with companies interested in becoming commercial growers, from the idea stage right through to a fully functional operation that is in compliance with the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

Services for Licenced Producers

Currently, GrowLegally serves both as a clinic to consumer clients and as a sales agent for producer clients (partners). This combination of offerings within one organization is unprecedented within the industry thus far.

How To Become A Legal Medical Marijuana Grower

The Company works closely under contract with major medical marijuana producers in Ontario to maintain consistency in product quality and supply to our clients.

GrowLegally is steadily building our network of commercial producers to support our expanding client base and to augment our competitive advantage industrywide. Additionally, We are constantly expanding our network of healthcare practitioners who are willing to prescribe medical marijuana to eligible patients. To be considered as a supplier for the GrowLegally network – Click Here to request an information package

Services for Startup Producers

How GrowLegally Can Help You.

GrowLegally can refer you to Health Canada accredited laboratories that provides all of your regulatory and testing needs and is your one-stop-shop to take your company from the idea stage right through to a fully functional operation that is in compliance with the Marihuana for Medical Purpose Regulations (MMPRs).

GrowLegally will help your firm obtain a Producer’s License for the production of medical marihuana and will ensure your application is complete and accurate upon submission to avoid costly delays. We liaise continuously with Health Canada on your behalf for your application and we represent you in audits.

GrowLegally can write all of the required SOPs that cover facility, equipment, and production processes and will help you set up a facility that is clean and controlled for sanitation and environmental conditions. We will also assist in setting up an effective and monitored security system, which is a requirement. We will advise you on what is required to create a comprehensive inventory control system, as well as provide packaging advice based on labeling regulations.

Once established, we will continue to provide on-going regulatory and quality support. Your dedicated and highly qualified QA representative will always be available to address any of your concerns or issues. We also arrange for testing of your product. A licensed quality analytical expert will conduct the required testing to the highest industry standards. They will also conduct stability studies to ensure product integrity over time. - APPLY NOW

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