Is Marijuana More Harmful Than It Is Helpful?

Is Marijuana More Harmful Than It Is Helpful?

Many countries are yet to legalize marijuana, even for medical purposes, because the debate of whether the herb is safe for human consumption does not have a clear answer. There are serious risks on one hand, while on the other hand there are numerous medical applications, and here are both sides of the story:

Reasons why marijuana is considered harmful

I. Some of the risks that people need to be aware of before they decide to use marijuana for any reason are that the herb has the ability to impair an individual’s judgement as well as his or her memory.

II. Continued use of the herb increases the chances of an individual getting a heart attack, lung cancer, respiratory tract cancer, and hallucinations.

III. Furthermore, the effects of using marijuana lead to serious road accidents, reduced immune system functionality, difficulty sleeping and increased aggression.

Reasons why marijuana is considered helpful

The medical field is showing a lot of appreciation for the herb, since it is used to treat conditions that were once considered untreatable. For instance, cancer treatment is followed by serious nausea, a condition that marijuana can take care of with effectively. The herb helps patients with glaucoma from losing their sight as a result of the pressure in the eyes. It reduces pain that is associated with different diseases, some of which include cancer, multiple sclerosis, and treating muscle spasms.


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