Is It Easy To Grow Medicinal Marijuana On Your Own?

Is It Easy To Grow Medicinal Marijuana On Your Own?

If you are not a person with green fingers then you might want to take advantage of the dried medical marijuana available. However, if you have the time and commitment then you could consider growing medical marijuana yourself.

Marijuana can be grown indoors or outdoors, although if you do decide to grow it outdoors you are not in as much control of its environment as you are indoors. The weather elements can take their toll on a crop of marijuana and if you have paid for this to help your medical condition, and the crop fails or is destroyed then you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Marijuana needs a certain amount of light per day, usually at least 6 hours of good strong light on the leaves per day. Take this into account if you decide to grow indoors, although there are special lamps you can buy to facilitate the process. The plants also need a good constant temperature of around 67 degrees.

If you are successful in growing your own small crop of medical marijuana then you can expect to see a result that you can use in around 4 to 8 months from the first planting.


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