Ever Consider Using Hydroponics To Cultivate Marijuana?

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Ever Consider Using Hydroponics To Cultivate Marijuana?


Hydroponics is a way of growing plants to ensure that they get enough water and nutrients, especially in our case, for growing medical Marijuana. This method of cultivation involves many tools like grow rocks, sand, gravel or rock wood as inert materials and it can be carried out without involving these materials as well. But remember that hydroponics basically involve the plants growing without soil. Hydroponics in summary is a way of ensuring good plant growth with all the needed factors provided to them in adequate amounts under a suitable medium which is usually not soil.

The benefits of using Hydroponics

Plants, like any other living thing, would probably grow without a problem when everything they need for good health is provided to them in sufficient amounts. Although this sounds easy to achieve, having a good quality soil with sufficient nutrients is pretty hard to achieve. Soil itself is it’s a system on its own with different nutrients and organisms involved in their own growth cycles. This includes bacteria, viruses, water and nutrients. There are simply too much going on within soil for us to take control of such an environment. However with hydroponics we are able to control the environment that the plants grow in, especially factors like pH, the level of nutrients and temperature. You can also control the amount of light coming onto your Marijuana plants.

The first thing for Hydroponics – Choosing a medium

The first thing you have to decide when you want to set up a Hydroponic system is what material you would want to base your foundation around. This material can be inert or not. It is important to carefully choose this base tool and you should also ensure that you clean carefully before you set up your plants in this medium.

• If you choose not to have an inert medium, this would then be called Nutrient Film Technique, or shortly known as N.F.T.

This is also a commonly done type of Hydroponics. This would require you to place the Marijuana plant’s roots straight into a revolving film of water which is filled with nutrients. The roots should be covered with a landscape fabric or some other material so that the roots do not stay under direct sunlight.

• If you choose to have an inert material, despite the wide range of materials you can choose from, the most commonly used ones are gravel and sand.

This material is easy to procure but it is hard to clean it up and it cannot be reused. Some other materials used include rock wool, oasis cubes and coco.

• Other popular choices include clay and lava rocks.

Both of these popular types are porous and they have a neutral pH. They are easy to be cleaned and they are also reusable. They work well with different kinds of systems and also have good irrigation properties. They also hold specific advantages to different types of systems used.

Creating a set up

The next step for Hydroponics would be to choose a set up. It’s crucial to pick a set up that would meet your requirements for a healthy Marijuana plant. Although this is possible, it is very expensive to keep up to purchase a kit with everything you need in it. It might be a more cost effective method to create your own set up with your own self made kit by hand picking your own bits and pieces which are of good quality.

Many individuals tend to prefer individual pots which fit into a larger water system. For such a purpose, mesh pots work best along with an air pump, air hose and stone which are designed specifically for the purpose of circulating and aerating the water. These equipments will create air bubbles in the water and will pop them on your material medium and keep them moist along with providing moisture to your plant roots and stems. This would be an example of aeroponic plant system.

Preparing the materials required

Whichever material you choose for your medium and whichever set up you choose to have for your Hydroponics system, the basic starter steps for a system set up still remain the same. The materials have to be sterilised first to free them from any pathogens like bacteria and viruses. This is best done by rubbing some alcohol into water and peroxide. You could mist the alcohol and wipe it with hot water and add about an ounce of peroxide to make the mixture.

Once you have sterilised the materials then you can start preparing them according them to your specific system. You can get more information based on your unique system type. After you have prepared the system, you are ready to keep your plants inside of them!

Maintaining the system

Only after you have set up the system, the real work begins. Whichever system you choose, be sure to keep these factors regulated on a daily and weekly basis:

• pH

• Sterilising tools

• Inspecting the parts of the plants

• Inspecting all equipment for their cleanliness and functioning

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