How To Obtain A Medical Marijuana License or Identification Card

Applying for a medicinal marijuana license is becoming more acceptable and common these days. One must not take this decision lightly and confer with a physician that you trust and who is familiar with your medical history. There will be many things that your physician will take into consideration before recommending you and some of those are your existing medical history, long term medical diagnosis, why the current medications are not sufficient to help cure or relieve your medical condition and what are the results that you hope to achieve by using medicinal marijuana.

A medicinal marijuana license is issued by the state to patients with doctors’ recommendations in order to obtain, possess or cultivate medicinal marijuana. These licenses are issued in states or counties where usage of medicinal marijuana is considered legal. A client is required to pay a fee to the state to obtain this license which is valid for twelve months. After that the patient must renew their license.

Currently, California is the only state in the United States that has a voluntary medical marijuana license program. The state does not require a patient to possess a state medical marijuana identification card in order to possess or grow marijuana.