How The Law Works With Regard To Medical Marijuana

How The Law Works With Regard To Medical Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana is quite risky, regardless of which country the debate is being held, and though it is quite clear that there are some conditions that require the herb for proper management and even treatment, the law has to regulate it. Without any form of regulation, people would result into using the herb as a drug; taking it just because they want to get high, something that ought not to happen. Here is what governments are requiring their citizens to have before they are allowed to access or even grow marijuana.

Must have a government identification document and proof of residency

This is very important because an individual who does not have the proper legal paperwork that entitle him or her to be a resident of a particular state or country is very hard to trace. This means that in addition to the national identity card or driving license, an individual needs to acquire a medical marijuana license, which will prove that he or she is a legal user.

A document of recommendation from the doctor

It is impossible to get a medical marijuana license without having a recommendation letter from a doctor who clearly understands the condition that one is suffering from and one who knows that you have exhausted all other avenues and marijuana seems to be the best course of action. Furthermore, an individual needs to fill out forms and have them approved by the relevant bodies before he or she can gain access to the medical marijuana.


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