How should you grow legally-approved marijuana plants?

How should you grow legally-approved marijuana plants?

To start growing a marijuana plant, you need the appropriate size of pots either small or big. It depends on whether you are growing marijuana indoors or outdoors. You should first soak the seeds in a cup of water overnight before you sow them. You also need some good fertilised soil. The list of ingredients also includes a wooden closet that is painted white or coated with aluminium foil from within, and light bulbs of 400- 600 watts.

Growing marijuana needs an entire set up for the plant to grow efficiently. Firstly, keep the pots with seeds covered in soil in the wooden closet and fit four light lamps in the four corners. Cut out small ventilation holes on the top cover to maintain a temperature of 27- 30 C inside the closet. Now this is a perfect environment to grow at least 25 marijuana plants with ease.

It is time to switch on the lights and let the plants grow. With the correct amount of light and nutrients, the plant is going to grow well. Water it once a day and feed it twice a week with a standard miracle grow product in water. Let the plants grow to a good height of 60cm after which you can cut them and let them dry.


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