Health Canada – Providing Medical Marijuana to Canadians

Health Canada – Providing Medical Marijuana to Canadians

Over the past few years, Canada has sought to decriminalize marijuana so that it can be used by patients of numerous diseases by relieving relevant symptoms. The use of cannabis is regulated through the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations. This law provides guidelines which regulate individuals who store, cultivate and use marijuana for medical purposes.

Numerous studies into the effect of marijuana on the body have shown its medicinal uses. It can be used to treat various symptoms related to diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. The painkilling action of cannabis is a great boon for people who are terminally ill or suffer chronic pain. Before you can use medical marijuana, you need to get a permit from the relevant authorities. You need to be certified by an authorized medical practitioner as well. You might also need to submit proof that your condition can be improved through the use of cannabis.

Health Canada has set out various dispensaries all over the country which makes it easier for authorized individuals to get hold of medical cannabis. These outlets sell high quality cannabis and you will be able to get the maximum amount that you can buy under law.


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