Facts About Marijuana That Might Interest You

Facts About Marijuana That Might Interest You

Marijuana is an annual plant, it finishes its life cycle in one season, and the seeds will take care of the future plant. Marijuana is a very resilient plant that grows very quickly and survives to extreme heat, light frosts, droughts and floods. There are few diseases that affect powerful the marijuana and insects and animals generally have a low impact on the growth and productivity of the plant once it has exceeded the vulnerable seedling stage. However, a plant that survived hard isn’t useful to the grower. His purpose is to cultivate healthy plants, strong and mature.

Each seed has an increased potential for developing a specific maximum potency. Given the potential seed size the environment determines the real potency of the plant. In an ideal environment, some varieties of weed grow from a seed to a height of 18 feet in 6 months and produce about 5 pounds of sprouts.

Inside, there is rarely enough space or enough light to sustain such a rapid growth. As a result, indoor plants are much smaller sometimes having a height of less than 3.5 feet or slightly above. They produce almost about 1 cup of sprouts, even though it can grow easily.


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