Frequently asked questions:

1.Q: How much will this cost me?
A: Refeer to Services and Fees
2.Q: Do I need to be a Canadian Citizen?
A: Yes, according to the Health Canada you must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident with a OHIP number.
3.Q: Is there a limit to how much the doctor will prescribe?
A: The amount the doctor prescribes will be determined by the severity of your condition and the way you medicate.
4.Q: Is there a guarantee that I will get approved?
A: We CAN NOT guarantee what a doctor will prescribe or how much he will prescribe. GrowLegally CAN book an appointment with a doctor that has the expertise and is compassionate towards prescribing medical marijuana as an alternative medicine.
5.Q: I don’t have a family doctor; how can I obtain my medical records?
A: Please contact us to book a consultation.
6.Q: I have my medical records; how do I send them to you?
A: Attach the medical documents to an email or send by fax or regular mail to our office.
7.Q: I don’t have a diagnoses but I have symptoms of a medical condition listed. How do I get a doctor to diagnose me?
A: Please contact us book an appointment with a consultant.
8.Q: How many plants can I grow if I obtain a license to grow?
A: The amount of marijuana that can be grown and stored at any time depends on the daily amount that has been approved.
9.Q: How long will this process take?
A: Twenty-five Days to six weeks from the day we submit the forms to health Canada.
10.Q: Is there a guarantee that the doctor will prescribe me medical marijuana?
A: Processing Time Health Canada is currently taking longer to process applications due to an increase in the number of applications and a lack of government funding. They should acknowledge receipt of the application within 3-5 weeks of receiving it and will indicate if any of the required information is missing. Applications from patients with terminal conditions will be given priority for processing.
11.Q: How can I help?
A: Join the advocacy group and be a part of the movement.
12.Q: Who do I call after my application is submitted?
A: A representative from GrowLegally will contact you to verify that the information in your application is correct.
13.Q: I submitted an application and I haven’t received a response?
A: The system may be slow due to technical issues, you will receive a response systematically.
14.Q: I would like to speak with a consultant before I submit the application,
A: Contact us now to book an appointment with a consultant.
15.Q: What happens next after I submit my application
A: You will receive an email outlining the step by step process pertaining to the license you have submitted.
16.Q: I don’t have a diagnoses can I still obtain my MMAR license
A: In order for us to book you an appointment with our doctors, we will have to pre approve that a diagnosis of a condition has been documented in your medical records that is listed under the MMAR program.
17.Q: Can I obtain I license to become a dispensary or compassion clinic.
A: No such licenses are available and compassion clubs or dispensary are illegal and are not sanctioned by Health Canada.
18.Q: Is there a limit to how many patients I can grow for?
A: Yes according to Health Canada 1 person can be assigned a maximum of 2 patients.