What Are The Essential Considerations For Growing Marijuana?

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What Are The Essential Considerations For Growing Marijuana?

Using Marijuana for health benefits has been a rather controversial issue around the globe for a few decades now. Medical Marijuana undeniably has plenty of medical benefits and despite the debate over its dependence and harm; it is a substance that is slowly being legalised in many parts of the world. In places where Marijuana is legalised, it is best to reap the benefits of this plant by growing it yourself rather than spending money on over-priced Marijuana produce that is available.

Growing Marijuana is not rocket science and it mainly still falls back on some basic botanist rules. Let us take you through the essentials of growing Marijuana so that you can have a go on trying it for yourself. The essentials on growing a good Marijuana plant depends on managing certain key factors and this article would cover those in order.

Soil conditions


Not just Marijuana, but any plant for that matter needs a good foundation to grow from. Strong roots best grow from good quality soil packed with moisture, nutrients and important minerals. This also means that the soil has to be of a good grade, free from common plant bacteria and pathogens.

• The best recommended soil would be Bio Grow soil.

• The Bio Grow soil type should be one with Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium (NPK) of a mix of 12-14-24 respectively.

• This specific mix would allow the Marijuana plant to get enough of each type of nutrient at each phase of its unique plant growth cycle.

• Consider using an 11 litre pot for a feminised auto-flowering plant and 20 litres for feminised photo-period plants.

These would be the key instructions to get a basic pot of soil to start planting your Marijuana. Perhaps as you grow out your plants, you might need to change some of the specifics regarding the type of soil you are using, particularly the nutrient ratio in it so that you can cater to your plant’s specific growth cycle.


Not many people would like to grow their Marijuana plants outdoors, so let us go by the conditions that you would be doing it indoors. It would be a good idea to invest in a High Pressure Sodium light, also known as HPS light to help you out. The following instructions could be followed for advice on how many watts you should be aiming for.

• Go with 250W for 1 to 4 plants

• 400W for 4 to 9 plants

• 600W for 9 to 16 plants

The amount of watts glaring at your pots should not be too much as they can damage the DNA of the plant cells. Too little light at the same time would not give enough energy for the plants to grow well and fast.

Air filter system for ventilation along with a temperature meter

Since we are considering that the Marijuana is grown indoors, ensure that your current electrical devices and lighting equipment do not increase the temperatures and pressures too much for good growth of the plants. To make sure that the hot air and high pressures disperse and move outside, have a good ventilation system in your place. Having a temperature meter along with this will make sure that your temperature levels in your unit is good to go for good growth of Marijuana.

Having an air fan

Plants need oxygen and they breathe just like we do, in their own way. This means we need to ensure that there is good ventilation in the growing area for your plants along with fresh air circulating in. Having fans around in your unit would not just be enough, try and get an air fan to blow directly at the area of your plant pot.

Heating system

Just like how lighting and other electrical appliances could heat up the grow area, external temperatures could also bring the room temperature down. Make sure your plants don’t wilt in the cold by having a good heating system around for the plants to grow well.

Grow tent

Finally, it might be a good and worthy move to set up a grow tent in the grow area. This would ensure that you keep your grow area with sterile air and with the essential nutrients circulating around. If you plan to have more than 10 pots and if you intend to continue growing Marijuana for an extended period of time then having a grow tent would definitely be a valuable possession. It can help you cut cost on other matters such as having tip top ventilation systems or having very high grade soil, as having a grow tent would help you surpass some limitations that arise with other factors of plant growth.

This would just form a basis and foundation for a good Marijuana plant growth, and there are plenty of other specific factors to think about when you are growing Marijuana on the long term. Having that knowledge comes with trial and error with plant growing and also with a lot of reading and research on the internet, so be prepared to always read up more!


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