Dope on it!

Dope on it!

Have you heard of medical marijuana? Do you know what it is all about? Well, medical marijuana is indeed one of the hottest topics for discussion in the country. Leaving aside the US, this product is surely under the scanners in other countries as well. The main reason is the medical properties associated with this product and the wide range of medical benefits that it provides. Perhaps, that is why it has become legal in nations such as Netherlands, Canada, and Portugal etc. It is become legal in quite a few states in the US too.

Here is some vital information about medical marijuana:
1. What is medical marijuana?
Medical marijuana is basically marijuana and it is obtained from a plant known as hemp. Medical marijuana is known by various other names as well. Some of these names are grass, Mary Jane etc. It must be noted that medical marijuana is strictly used for medical purposes only.

2. Which are the states that have permitted legal use of medical marijuana?
There are more or less 14 states that have permitted the use of medical marijuana in the public domain. Some of the states are: New Mexico, Montana, Oregon, California, Washington etc.


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