Disadvantages of marijuana

Disadvantages of marijuana

Marijuana is a type of a psychoactive narcotic drug. It is obtained from the dried leaves and flowers of a plant called as Cannabis sativa, which cannot be planted legally.

Excessive consumption of marijuana or the smoke formed after burning the drug is dangerous. It can cause the person to develop inert feelings in the brain that can damage the brain cells. Hence, marijuana has various effects on the bodies and minds of the people consuming it. Marijuana smoke passes through the lungs and enters the blood stream thereby allowing the chemicals of the drug to create a series of reactions in the brain.

If you use marijuana on a long-term basis, it may lead to addiction. In this process, your social relationships with your family, work, academics, and various sources of entertainment are adversely affected. Intake of marijuana also causes insomnia, affects the sense of taste, causes constant state of anger and uneasiness that all make it difficult to quit. It also results in depression or misery, thoughts of committing suicide and schizophrenia.

The constant use of marijuana in youngsters and teenagers can lead to risk of mental sickness, susceptibility, and public aggression. The affects of inhaling excessive marijuana can stay for a longer duration leaving the heart in a worse condition.


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