Different types of marijuana

Different types of marijuana

There are different types of marijuana available depending upon the texture and effects of these plants after consumption. They are listed below:

Indica: Usually, the Indica strains of cannabis are small. Their growth is bushier, dense, and they occupy more width instead of height. Consumption of Indica causes a person to get a body buzz forcing you to only sit and rest. You tend to get stress free with a lighter head and no worries at all. Medical patients, to cure sleeplessness, commonly consume this variety of marijuana. Most of the times, it stimulates thought infuriating affairs. However, when the user is questioned about his ongoing thoughts, he is unable to put it into words.

Sativa: As compared to the Indica strain of cannabis, the Sativa strains are taller and longer. Their consumption leads the person into a condition of additional vigour and elevates his mood to a major extent. They are preferred in the daytime by smokers as it helps enhance bodily activities.

Hybrids: With science reaching new heights, one of the best deals for users is the fabricated combination of Indica and Sativa. There is a wide range of varied proportions like 20% sativa and 80% indica, and others. A person consuming hybrids can have the best experience.


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