Cultivating Marijuana Inside Or Outside: Electric Light Or Natural?

Cultivating Marijuana Inside Or Outside: Electric Light Or Natural?

A dilemma about where to cultivate marijuana and if you should use natural light or electricity depends on where you are: the space you have available, the time and money you have and the amount of grass you want to cultivate.

For example, a moderate weekend consumer can provide the desired amount of grass with a simple inside arrangement: a small area under a lighting system with a fluorescent neon about 6 feet, or at a well-lit window of sunshine or on the balcony. A group of farmers who consume more than 1 cup per week needs 2 H.I.D. lamps (high-intensity discharge, meaning high intensity gas discharge) of 1,000 watts (halogen lamps and sodium vapor) and a greenhouse or a plot in the backyard.

Outdoor productions must be started in the spring and harvested in autumn, following the natural growth cycle. This limitation may be modified by additional lighting and shadow. When using only artificial light, growers can decide when to start the growth of plants, and therefore, when they will bloom and when will be ready for harvest. Controlling the elements of the environment in this case is much simpler and more direct. Inside, there are no worries about wind, rain, cold, poor soil, or if it is spring or winter cold.


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