Cultivating Marijuana: Cutting During Flowering

Cultivating Marijuana: Cutting During Flowering

Under the sun, you can expect a strong crop of buds on each branch, rather than a “clump” of large buds in the peak and smaller twigs around him, if you trim the top branch about two weeks before flowering. In a lower power light, removing the shoot apical can lead to smaller buds and, possibly, a smaller crop.

Do not use mowing as a general procedure for artificial light only as a last resort, if one or two crops are above the rest of the plants. Fast growing plants prevents the light reaching near the peaks of all the plants. Bending of these plants is the best solution.

When the first plants begin to bloom, trim the lower branches, most undeveloped. These branches will not produce buds anyway, and by removing them the stem and root will only feed the stronger branches, leading to larger buds.

As soon as the buds begin to form, remove some of the fan-shaped leaves found around the main stem. This allows the light to reach the buds that are below, and they will grow more intense. Do not overdo it! Once a leaf is formed, it produces more “growth energy” for the rest of the plant.


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