Countries Where Medical Marijuana Can Be Used Legally

Countries Where Medical Marijuana Can Be Used Legally

Statesmen around the world have different opinions when it comes to marijuana use. That is why this plant which has been found out to be able to cure numerous diseases is still illegal in various countries. Located below is a list of countries where marijuana could be used for medical purposes.

However, marijuana use for recreation purposes is not allowed. Also, in some of the following countries, people who want to cultivate the plant will be required to secure a license first.

• Canada
• Germany
• Austria
• Italy
• Spain
• Portugal
• Finland
• The Netherlands
• United States

Technically speaking, it is legal to smoke weed in the United States for medical purposes. But since that country has a federal government, states vary when it comes to marijuana restriction laws. There are actually seventeen states in the US where marijuana use for medical purposes is allowed. However, the amount of marijuana that could be purchased is limited. Aside from that, certain age limitations are imposed as well.

• Alaska
• Arizona
• Maine
• Nevada
• California
• Oregon
• Colorado
• Montana
• Michigan
• New Mexico
• Hawaii
• New Jersey
• Vermont
• Rhode Island
• Washington
• Delaware
• Connecticut


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