Ancient History of Medicinal Marijuana

Ancient History of Medicinal Marijuana

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes has been an ancient practice in many countries across the globe.
• Ancient China and Taiwan – The ancient Chinese used every part of the marijuana plant as medicine right from the dried flowers, the achinea, the seeds, the oil, the leaves, the stalk, the root, to the juice.

• Ancient Egypt – Records from Ancient Egypt (ca.1,550 BCE) describe using medical marijuana as being the form of treatment for most of their ailments and illnesses. They used marijuana for relieving hemorrhoid pain and to treat sore eyes as well.

• Ancient India – Texts confirm that doctors in Ancient India used marijuana to treat illnesses and ailments such as insomnia, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, pain and medicinal marijuana was often used to relieve the trauma and pain of childbirth.

• Ancient Greece – The Ancient Greeks used marijuana to dress wounds and sores of their horses. In humans, the dried leaves were used to treat nose bleeds and the seeds were used to get rid of tapeworms

• South East Asia – They used marijuana as recreation food, drinks and relaxing medication for centuries.
• Medieval Islamic World – Arabic physicians used marijuana widely as medication for over 10 centuries.


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