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Our mission is helping Canadians like you suffering from terminal illnesses, pains or severe conditions to get legal access to medical cannabis under Health Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) program.

Do you qualify for a medical marijuana license to possess and grow marijuana legally?

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If you qualify, we will get in touch with you right away and schedule your assessment with our specialized doctor.We will help you determine the right strain of medicinal marijuana for your symptoms as well as prescribe a proper quantity needed to treat them effectively. We also assist in choosing the Right LP (Supplier) based on: Affordability and Accessibility.

GrowLegally Consulting LTD. offers fully integrated consulting and streamlined Medical Marijuana licensing services for patient/consumers and producers of medical cannabis, as well as business development, marketing and consulting for companies and organizations seeking to expand with the fastest emergent industry of medical cannabis and related products.

GrowLegally Consulting LTD. helps you exercise the right to self-treat symptoms of illness or disability naturally with high-quality medical grade cannabis.  We are patient-focused and community-oriented, and proud supporters of affordable and accessible medical cannabis. Our clients never pay for medical assessments for prescriptions and benefit from full access to our vast network of physicians, Licensed Producers (Growers), and public organizations.

Superb service is our top priority. Our lawyers and friendly staff will consult you and book your appointment with our trustworthy, understanding and experienced physicians that can evaluate and approve you for a medical marijuana card.

We believe in freedom of choosing safe, effective, affordable organic medicine over expensive prescription chemical drugs sold in stores.

We have 10 years of legal experience of dealing with the controversial subject of medical marijuana licensing in Canada. Hundreds of people have changed their lives by gaining access to this special kind of herbal medicine by utilizing our knowledge and professional qualification.