A sneak peek into it

A sneak peek into it

A number of things come into our minds when we hear about medical Marijuana. A lot of us feel that it is a dangerous drug while others look at the brighter picture of it—owning to its ever increasing demand in the medical industry.
Whatever it may be, the fact is, the drug is not only being used as an intoxicant but also for medical purposes. It is not only banned from many societies but also made legal in many. We are not going to get into the debate but make a conscious effort in understanding a bit about it.

Firstly, medical Marijuana is just as same as Marijuana used by drug addicts. Perhaps, the only difference is, it is administered in a highly regulated dosage in the medical industry for providing relief to patients suffering from ailments such as cancer, AIDS, ADHD, and insomnia.

Secondly, medical marijuana can be administered by a number of ways. It can be taken in as a pill, in form of a liquid, inhaled and even cooked with regular food. Most kinds of baked foods such as cookies, cakes, brownies etc. can be used to administer the drug in the body.


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