A Look At Medical Marijuana In Canada

A Look At Medical Marijuana In Canada

Why is marijuana so popular among young people? Whether you look at it as a recreational drug or potential harm, it is used annually by 200 million people.

Canada launched an initiative through which doctors can prescribe medical marijuana to patients for curative purposes. Worth $ 1.3 billion, the new system will provide cannabis to patients for a period of up to one year with three U.S. dollars per gram, compared to about eight dollars per gram as suppliers demanded before.

Marijuana was legalized in Canada for more than 12 years, but can be cultivated and traded only small-scale, who were not allowed to have more than one client. They will, however, be replaced today by the giant marijuana farms authorized by the officials.

Scientists have conducted researches demonstrating the beneficial effects of cannabinoids in marijuana. According to them, the chemical compounds in marijuana slow cancer growth, inhibit cells that feed tumors and help to reduce pain, fatigue, nausea and other side effects. Marijuana has hallucinogenic and disinhibition effects such as antidepressants and alcohol. Consumer reactions are strongly influenced by expectations and past experiences so some who have tried the drug for the first time did not feel anything special.

Health Authority hopes that by 2024, the system will provide cannabis for medical purposes to nearly 500,000 Canadians.


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