7 Early Uses of Medical Marijuana

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7 Early Uses of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has an earlier history of being used as medicine rather than mistaken as an abused drug. It is for this reason that so many advocates remain strong in their stand of making medical marijuana legal. Fortunately, in a number of countries around the world, the use of medical marijuana has been made legal. Here are some examples of early uses of medical marijuana.

The discovery of medical marijuana

It is believed that marijuana has first been used as medicine by Chinese emperor Shen Nung. I ruled at around 2900 B.C. This man is considered to be the father of Chinese medicine as he spent his life studying the effects of herbs on humans. Records show that Sheng Nung has even traditionally clothed in herbal leaves. Before his discovery, marijuana, or ma, is used for making hempen cloth. Later it was used for food. Aside from discovering the medical uses of marijuana, Shen Nung is also attributed with the discovery of the benefits of ephedra and the more commonly known ginseng.

Cannabis in the Bible


This might be shocking to most people but cannabis is somewhat present in the Bible. The book of Exodus talks about the journey of the Hebrew people from Egypt to their Promised Land in Palestine. As they traveled for forty years in the wilderness, their religious rituals continued and developed. For their rituals, they used a holy anointing oil consisting of six kaneh-bosem. This certain plant has been identified by numerous experts including botanists, anthropologists, and researchers as cannabis. The events in Exodus are believed to have occurred at around 1450 B.C.

Medical marijuana for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a medical condition that leads to the damage of the optic nerves. The damage does not happen right away. It slowly progresses overtime and that is why glaucoma is hard to detect. Symptoms usually appear later in life. This has been a disease pestering ancient civilizations including Egypt. Now, the brilliant Egyptians found a herb that can treat glaucoma. Yes, it is cannabis. It has been prescribed not only to people with glaucoma but even the ones who suffered from inflammation. It was also used for mummification as evidenced by the cannabis pollen detected on Ramses II’s mummy. He lived t around 1213 B.C.

Medical marijuana in Natural History

In 23 AD Pliny the Elder wrote about hemp rope as well as the pain-relieving effects of marijuana. His book has several chapters on drugs that can be obtained from trees, herbs, and wild plants. His Natural History became the model for modern encyclopaedias as it was really a very comprehensive work. It contained thirty-seven books which are then organized into ten volumes. Pliny lacked scientific method in his work. And he is considered as a psycho for his untraditional methods. He even wrote about unicorns. Yet his work was widely respected during his time.

Medical marijuana observed by a botanist

Dioscorides was a botanist who served as a physician in the army of Emperor Nero. He frequently talked to the common folks of the Mediterranean provinces and asked them about their remedies for various diseases. He personally observed how various drugs had effects on people. He love collecting medical data and that is why his pharmacopeia was considered as an authoritative medical work during his time. He was also able to notice the positive effects of medical marijuana and it was included in the work.

Cannabis in China

Hua To was an ancient Chinese physician who was believed to be the first person in China to use anaesthesia during surgeries. And one of his anaesthetic options is none other than marijuana. It was his commonly used herb and he combined it with wine. Unfortunately, his prescription was lost and was never found. Nevertheless, five other books have been made to attribute to Hua To as well as his followers. Aside from anaesthesia, he also specialized in the use of herbal medicine as well as acupuncture. Hua To lived in China around 200 CE.

Medicinal marijuana in the U.S.

It was in the 1840’s when medicinal preparations with cannabis content became available. After a decade, marijuana starts to become more widely used throughout the country. Considered by many to be a medical drug, it was made available in pharmacies as well as in general stores. This continued until 1915 when the use of marijuana has been prohibited specifically for nonmedical use. A lot of people have been abusing it by that time. Its use for recreational purposes instead of medical expanded heavily with the influx of Mexican immigrants after the Mexican revolution.

It is a good thing that medical marijuana is already being legalized in various countries in the world where it once has been restricted. History says that marijuana has always been an effective treatment for various diseases. If you think you can benefit from medical marijuana, contact Grow Legally.


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