6 Musicians Who Are Also Potheads

6 Musicians Who Are Also Potheads

A pothead is somebody who uses marijuana. Marijuana use is very prominent especially in the music industry. Some artists say that marijuana is beneficial for them since it helps them write songs or even provide a lot better performance in front of the crowds. The following are some of the numerous musicians who are also potheads.

• Snoop Lion – Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg, is a rapper and one of the most popular potheads in the industry.

• Bob Marley – The famous icon of the Reggae and Rastafarian movement is also a pothead. In fact, Most Rastafarians and reggae fans, if not all, smoke weed.

• Lil Wayne – Another rapper who is also a pothead is Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is very open about smoking weed.

• Miley Cyrus – Who would not be surprised? This woman who recently caused stir in the 2013 VMA stated she smokes weed as much as Snoop Dogg.

• Paul McCartney – The only living member of the famous Beatles, Paul McCartney is also a pothead. During his prime, it is very normal for musicians to smoke weed before performances.

• Kurt Cobain – Another famous pothead is Kurt Cobain. The lead singer of Nirvana, Cobain was popular for his songs including Smells Like Teen Spirit and You Know You’re Right.


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