4 Steps In Applying For Marijuana For Medical Purposes

4 Steps In Applying For Marijuana For Medical Purposes

Canada is one of the few countries where the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legal. Marijuana has a reputation for being a ‘bad’ plant and that is why it is banned in most parts of the world. But what a lot of people do not realize is that marijuana offers so many health benefits. Some experts believe that it could even cure Cancer. In Canada, there are certain steps that need to be followed before one could use marijuana.

Know if you are eligible

Not all people could apply for marijuana use. Those who are suffering from serious pain, spasm, seizures, malnutrition from cancer, or even HIV/AIDS infection are eligible for application.

Consulting a medical practitioner

An applicant must consult a medical practitioner. The applicant and the practitioner must declare that conventional methods for the diseases or conditions have been tried and the use of marijuana is a necessity.

Choosing a supply source

After that, the applicant could choose a source from where he could get marijuana. Most applicants get their supplies from Health Canada while some could rely on licensed marijuana producers. Some prefer to grow their own plants.

Complete the application

After all those things, the applicant must complete a form and have it submitted to Health Canada.


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