4 Reasons Why Marijuana Use Is Controlled

4 Reasons Why Marijuana Use Is Controlled

Marijuana has been used to heal various diseases for centuries. However, it is illegal in a lot of countries today. The following are reasons why marijuana use remains illegal in various parts around the world:

• Users tend to use marijuana in very large amounts. Too much marijuana use is not necessary but people end up spending a lot for these things.

• Users lose their desire to stop marijuana use. Most users do not even plan to stop consuming this plant even after their illnesses have been treated.

• Users who get addicted to marijuana have a hard time recovering from its effects. Even if marijuana is good, too much of it can also result to serious diseases.

• Users forget about their lives. When marijuana users become too much addicted to the plant, they often stop seeing other people. They tend to be absent in work and in school and their relationships with loved ones are ruined as well.

Even if marijuana is illegal, there are some countries that allow people to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. This is because the plant can really help treat serious diseases including cancer and HIV. Legalization of marijuana might be impossible in some countries, but doctors still hope that the plant could be legally used at least for medical purposes.


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