3 Ways To Consume Marijuana

3 Ways To Consume Marijuana

Cannabis is medically used to treat various medical conditions including arthritis and breast cancer. That is why it is legal to cultivate this plant in various countries around the world. The following are some ways to consume cannabis:

• Smoking – This is the most common method of consumption. Smoking cannabis can cause immediate effects. However, the problem with smoking cannabis is that it can cause respiratory problems. Clinical trials do not indicate that cannabis has toxins and carcinogens. Nevertheless, experts still recommend people to try other ways to consume this plant aside from smoking it.

• Tea – Those who cultivate cannabis plants in their home will enjoy making cannabis tea. The stems, leaves, and buds of that plant can make delicious tea. Hot boiling water should be poured over the leaves and stems. After waiting for hone hour, people can drink the tea. There are numerous recipes that people can try to make cannabis tea. Sometimes, other ingredients such as milk, alcohol, and other spices are added.

• Edibles – Those who do not have time to cultivate marijuana can always purchase the processed cannabis. These products are ready to be consumed. However, it should be noted that their effects are not instant. Therefore, people might want to control the amounts that they consume.


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