3 Reasons Why Marijuana Is Illegal In Some Parts Of The World

3 Reasons Why Marijuana Is Illegal In Some Parts Of The World

For most parts in the world, it is illegal to use marijuana, also known as cannabis. But it should be noted that cannabis has long been used for medicinal purposes before it was banned. In fact, there are so many doctors today who are pushing through for the legalization of marijuana. Why is marijuana illegal in the first place? If it is beneficial, why is it still illegal?


One of the top reasons why marijuana is illegal is the misconceptions that people have about it. Those who use marijuana are often stereotyped as useless or even violent. People tend to think that marijuana users are individuals who would hurt other people and even themselves.


Those who are against the legalization of marijuana tend to use the reasoning that marijuana is addictive. Yes, this could be true. But is marijuana the only thing that is addictive these days? What about alcohol, cigarette-smoking, and even video gaming? Aren’t these things addictive as well?

Old laws

The marijuana regulations these days are the same regulations that have been imposed way back. Is not it time for lawmakers to reconsider these regulations and make sure that they are still applicable in today’s world? In the United States, President Obama is pushing for marijuana reforms.


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